Google reCAPTCHA is a commonly used service to detect bot operations. We can integrate with AWS Cognito to prevent abuse of account registration and login.

First, we need to register in Google reCAPTCHA site (here). When we register a new site, we need to put a correct domain, because the…

Previously (here), we talked about how to authenticate a user with Cognito User Pool.

After user is authenticated, they may want to access their own resources (e.g. S3 object). One way is to grant an IAM role to our application to be able to access resources of all users. The…

When I learnt HTML 5 few years ago, I saw an example like this.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<h1>Hello World</h1>

Originally I thought lang attribute was used by screen reader or google site crawler. …


You found that it is tedious to setup in AWS web console every time you create a new AWS lambda.


Suppose we want to create a AWS lambda function which calls REST API to get exchange rate and store to S3 bucket as a JSON file. …

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Software Engineer

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